My name is Kristen.

I'm a photographer, designer, explorer, life liver and risk taker.

Join me on my daily adventures and be a part of a community for

creation, celebration & acceptance. 

About Me

Who even knows how to write these? I should probably just let someone do it for me, but maybe that would be an about me faux pas. I'm not the best writer although I do like to talk and if I could just write the way I spoke I think I would find a lot of enjoyment in it, so here it is. 

This is my voice, my blog, my place on the internet as so many others have done. I'm working on being more open and what better way to do that than put it all out there for everyone to see?! Current mantra is: I'm not afraid to be vulnerable - or at least that's what I'm going for right now. So sit back and relax! Enjoy this space full of pictures that I just like, thoughts that I just have, and other internet things I just wanna share. Hopefully, you can find some shit you like here too. ✌️


Home base: Tucson, AZ

Reach out to me me if you want to chat, hang out, dish on current events or honestly whatever!